auther         twocold
translator    RL

Someone told me a few days ago that when he studied in university, he was a youth writer, dreaming to be a writer and journalist. At that time, we were popular, not to say you knew a little poetry and guitar. With flower in your hand, girls would be fascinated. However, girls no longer take those guys in heart nowadays. What those girls really care about is ... I said, in this case, would you still write poetry and guitar? He said, ... .

This is our world, where men change the world while women change men's world views. But there is still some views about the world stand there, silly and shouldn't be changed no matter how many facts, setbacks, taunts or lies.

We should always have dreams. Writers' happiest thing is to make their works won't be so regretful like the real world, while readers' happiest thing is to touch their dreams with their eyes. The world is so ruthless, but we all have the right to treat ourselves. Hoping that when SOLO gone with the wind, you could still remember the journey of adventure in your youth

Too cold, so warm.

Acknowledgement: intijk

                                                           2010.07.08 00:54 F